REPIC, the UK’s leading waste electrical producer compliance scheme, proudly announces its Two Decade Tour (TDT), a momentous cycling event from its headquarters in Bury, Greater Manchester to Brussels, the birthplace of the European Waste Electrical, Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. 

This incredible 565m, nine day journey, marks the 20th anniversary of REPIC, which was established in 2004 by leading household electrical producers in the UK, with a mission to navigate the complexities of producer responsibility together and provide the producer community with a collective voice in discussions on advancing environmental regulations and practices.

The Two Decade Tour, departing on Thursday 13th June, will commemorate a remarkable milestone in the history of REPIC, with each stage of the journey serving as a tribute to the collaborative progress made by the WEEE scheme’s producer members’ journey towards a circular economy.


Oudenaarde – Brussels

Day Nine marked the final leg of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour, a day filled with reflection, determination, and a palpable sense of achievement. Our team of cyclists, who had journeyed an impressive 565 miles from Bury to Brussels, set off with a focused determination to...


Folkestone – Dunkirk

Day Seven of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour saw our team of ten cyclists leave the shores of the UK, heading to Dunkirk. After a challenging hill start this morning, the cyclists enjoyed a smooth descent into Dover port, arriving with plenty of time to board...


Ascot – Sevenoaks

Day Five of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour was a memorable journey from Ascot to Sevenoaks, covering a vibrant route through London. The 12 cyclists set off in the morning sunshine, ready for another day’s adventure. A notable highlight of the day was the warm reception...


Bury – Nantwich

Day one review – 57.9 miles The launch day of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour (TDT) was a memorable event, celebrating the organisation’s 20th anniversary with a bike ride, brisk walking challenge and a Race across Cheshire event all starting from the WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme’s...


Nantwich – Kingswinsford

Day Two of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour proved to be as eventful and inspiring as the launch day. The cyclists set off from Nantwich early in the morning, embarking on a 67 mile journey to Kingswinford.  The route included a stop at AO Recycling in...


Kingswinsford – Chipping Norton

Day Three of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour started in earnest at 09:00 sharp as the team set off on their 61-mile journey to Chipping Norton. The day began with a steep incline immediately upon exiting the hotel carpark, challenging the nine cyclists right from the...


Chipping Norton – Ascot

Day Four of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour took our team of ten cyclists from Chipping Norton to Ascot, covering over 65 miles under amazing sunshine. This was a welcome change after yesterday’s downpours. Today’s route led us through the heart of Oxford, where we enjoyed...


Sevenoaks – Folkestone

Day Six of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour saw our determined team of 12 cyclists embark on a 61-mile journey from Sevenoaks to the coastal town of Folkestone. The excitement was palpable as the group set off, buoyed by high spirits and the anticipation of reaching...


Dunkirk – Oudenaarde

Day Eight of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour saw the team leave Dunkirk for Oudenaarde, crossing the border into Belgium just 4km into the ride. The cyclists enjoyed excellent road conditions, wide cycle paths, and respectful drivers, making the 72 mile journey smooth and pleasant. A...